90jili Sports Betting Techniques: Chance To Win Big

Sports betting technique is a keyword that attracting the attention and search of many players. In the age of technology, sports betting has become a game that not only helps you satisfy your sports passion but also brings huge rewards. 

Therefore, if you grasp the playing techniques in the following 90jili article, you will definitely only win and not lose. 

A brief introduction to sports betting technique

A brief introduction to sports betting 

Sports betting technique has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment globally and is available at bookmaker 90jili. With dozens of exciting sports and major events taking place regularly, players have the opportunity to participate and experience exciting matches and dramatic matches. Participating in this betting only gives you moments to enjoy your passion for the field but also reaps a rich harvest. 

If previously, players in Vietnam were completely banned from sports betting and soccer betting, but now they can bet on soccer according to the law. This shows that sports betting is one of the indispensable forms of entertainment.

However, if you want to participate and easily win big, effective sports betting skills are definitely indispensable. Therefore, if you want to experience it, don’t forget to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to fight. 

Main bets often appear in sports betting

Main bets often appear in sports betting 

With the heat never showing signs of cooling down in the sports betting field, many players are very interested in finding effective and winning sports betting techniques. However, before discovering those secrets, we need to know what types of bets will appear in the first game and what their characteristics are. 

Below, 90jili has listed 3 main bets that often appear in sports matches. 

Asian Handicap

The first is Asian odds, this is a very popular type of bet in the world, especially when creating online betting floors. The characteristics of this type of bet are quite simple, easy to understand and easy to play, so it is very popular with brothers. 

Therefore, if you are a rookie who just started betting and are inexperienced, you can still participate. For veteran players, this bet has the advantage of easily winning big. 

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To participate in the Asian handicap, you should remember that this handicap operates in the form of handicap, meaning the upper handicap will handicap the lower handicap. Players need to observe the match to come up with the most appropriate and accurate handicap. And you can only choose one of the two upper and lower odds to bet. 

European Odds

Sports betting techniques for European handicaps are a bit more complicated because it requires players to be able to collect and analyze many different factors to make the final prediction result. the most accurate way. 

This bet has 3 options: Win – Lose – Draw. Therefore, the ratio of this bet will be about 33.33%, a quite safe number. But if you want to win bigger, of course you must have a lot of experience and knowledge. 

Over/under odds

Finally, there is the over/under bet. In this bet, you do not need to care about which team wins or loses in that match, but only need to predict the number of goals that can be scored. 

This is even more difficult because it requires players to clearly understand the playing style of the two teams to be able to make the most effective predictions. Although difficult, on the contrary, this bet has a quite attractive payout. If you win big, your life will soon change.

Some other sports betting side bets 

Besides the 3 types of bets listed above, there are still some notable side bets as follows: 

  • First or last corner bet.
  • Betting on penalty cards.
  • Pick and choose.
  • Pick bet.
  • Betting to score first or last goal.
  • Odds shake.
  • Oblique odds.
  • Odds to predict the championship. 

Revealing sports betting techniques from professional players 

Revealing sports betting techniques from professional players 

To become the owner of big winning bets, you cannot miss the following sports betting techniques that 90jili is about to introduce: 

Focus on sports betting technique before participating

To increase your chances of winning in sports betting, focusing on betting before participating is an extremely important step. This will help players improve their sports betting skills to a new level and easily make accurate bets. 

To do the betting, you should focus on monitoring the parameters of the football odds table provided by the house. See which team is strong and which team is weak to make the most appropriate decision. 

You should participate in betting on major tournaments 

When talking about sports betting skills, you definitely cannot ignore the tips for participating in big, famous and prestigious tournaments. This will help you enjoy entertainment with the top football teams in the world, while ensuring safety without worrying about fraud. 

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Especially at big tournaments, of course the odds will be higher and players will have more opportunities to win bigger. 

Apply the steel folding sport betting technique when placing bets

In sports betting techniques, 90jili recommends using the steel folding method which is never a waste. Because this is an extremely smart betting strategy, it can help players double their winning bet. 

However, nothing is easy. If using this method, players should be careful and meticulous when predicting. 

Observe to find good bets 

Observing and learning about sweet bets is an extremely useful sports betting technique for those who want to win big. Sweet bets are opportunities with good odds and a higher chance of winning than the house predicts. 

Therefore, you should regularly update and observe the betting arena, consider changes in odds and learn detailed information to make smart decisions and take advantage of good odds. 

Find out how the house makes bets

Building sports betting techniques will be more effective if players learn the form in which the bookmaker regularly makes bets. Grasp how the bookmaker builds the bet, determines the odds and other factors that can help you make the perfect choice. 

But knowing the bookie’s betting form is not simple, players need to take the trouble to observe regularly. 

Grasp the bookmaker’s tricks 

If we talk about sports betting techniques, we definitely have to mention knowing the bookmaker’s secrets. You should observe basic information such as the time the house usually updates the odds table or whether there are many fluctuations. Even though they are small details, they can still contribute to helping players predict more accurately. 


Just now are the shares that we have revealed to players about sports betting techniques. Hopefully the information 90jili brings will be a useful resource for you to plan your bets more accurately and effectively.

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